Dance of hammers
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aremdaich Whole essence of me
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A short tribute to my work and my mates.

Dance of hammers

One, two

One, two, three, four

People wake up, bang bang, it's eight morning, bang bang. Me and my pals and our hammers, we're scaffolders building scaffolds.

Take the tube, slot it in, take out hammer, bang it in, bang it in, bang it in, bang it in! Grip the handle and hold fast, swing the hammer with a blast!

The tube is stuck? No problem, just slam harder: BOSH & BANG! My ears are ringing, sweat is spraying, me and my pals are synchronising:

Three workers and their hammers, blasting a tune of steel - nobody dares to stop them. The orchestra high in the sky, descent as a vortex of hammers, knocking anything out of their way, taking on the revenge of tattooed devils.

Bringing the order into chaos, and chaos into order. The hammers, weapons of creation, flying like bullets, and dance in this morning show.

Me and my pals and our hammers, steam is rolling out of us, we roll some cigarettes. Chat about wages, women and whatnot. So begun our intermezzo.

Soon, hammers play their tune again - ready for aggression, but holding back. For today, we established our dominance, and nobody will fuck with us.

Establish your dominance. Don't ask for permissions.

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