Tale of extraordinary friendship … By:Areeba Hussain
Tale of extraordinary friendship …

By:Areeba Hussain  storyberries-fairy-tales stories
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Please read this narrative poem till the end . πŸ’—

Tale of extraordinary friendship … By:Areeba Hussain

This is a tale of two friends With an age gap of twenty, something just out of trend They resided in same society And daily met in religious center this shows their piety

Their interests were similar one retired news writer And other radio news director Their friendship deepened when one of the friend’s wife expired And he was left alone totally shattered

The other friend realised That it was his responsibility to daily visit him and socialize Just like a son he helped him in need Without thinking of himself or any greed

13 years almost every night they exchanged their thoughts At times when they met, for each other gifts they bought

Until the news director was transferred to a different city Since the elder was aged he had to show serenity

Though he really was troubled to know this And after his transfer he really missed But luckily days passed And director was again retransferred But in the mean time the elder turned weak And days turned bleak

But whenever they met A happy mood was set But soon the elder got ill And he could no more do things with his will Over his children he became dependent But his friend was a regular attendant

He always used to come to cheer him even when he was not well His friendship was like some magic spell A blessing you can call A support ,a strengthening wall

But the end to their togetherness came And the elder died and sad the other became But the time passes and life cannot be put on hold So younger friend picked up the situation and became bold

In a year he was diagnosed with the same incurable disease And after few months from cancer pain he was relieved Hopefully now together they would be With their faces lit up with glee.

Thank you soo much for reading U guys are the real inspiration .πŸ’—πŸ‘‘

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