Storyjam-4 ( shivering throats continued..) Part-2:Bewail By:Areeba Hussain



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This is in continuation with Shivering throats ..

Storyjam-4 ( shivering throats continued..) Part-2:Bewail By:Areeba Hussain

[For how long could the human devil stand Ultimately death is it's end... ]

With these monsters I am here in the purgatory Deafening screams, terrible cries that pass the terror through spine

My sins cannot be expiated even if I sacrifice myself

It is so dark in here that only hell fire is what I can see So hot it is that my skin I can feel it melting

Ululating and crying bewildered I am. Blood of weak splattered over body, squeezing and inferring I was wrong to think them powerless

Baffled I sat with my hands painted in red. Cursing and lamenting my deeds Until In profound silence of the purgatory there was a disruption

And luminance lit the dark cell and it came like a ray of hope It settled beside me as, the visuals got a bit clearer oh it was none other than her who killed the angel in me

Silently she kept a hand on my shoulder and it soothed and calmed me

Endless sobs and tears flowed , without even her single word I could feel the wrong I did ,could have become a saviour to end many more's pain

She slowly cleared my tears and held out her hand [You did it to end their pain] (You have felt your mistake, your soul is purified it's end of trial ,to heaven it's time to go)

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