Spooky creatures of the night By:Areeba Hussain
Spooky creatures of the night

By:Areeba Hussain storyberries-fairy-tales stories

areeba Voluntarily lost in my own sphere...
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Spooky creatures of the night By:Areeba Hussain

When lights go off They come creeping down the walls Eating crumbs of left bread loaf A night show or a creepy creatures ball

Cricket screeches and lizards dancing tails Haunted fusion symphony of sounds Little petrifying evils Walk from top and walls and ground

Buzzing mosquito's spree feeding Searching for finest quality ofo blood Ear to ear pesking, biting and buzzing Weightless vampires which scud.

Vigilant Cockroaches crawling Leave goosebumps Seem like curse befalling Searching between the dumps

Then screeching of owl And in near the forest civilisations Bats fly and Hounds howl Haunted are felt even the tiniest creations

A feeling of something behind hiding And when will the day born? A feeling of something following A feeling of oneself as a scorn

Wishful of the day and terrified of the night With sleepy eyes and sleepy thoughts One fells asleep from creatures fright next day for the night new measures are plot.

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