We Are Humans
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arciuss I love to stay low key
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We humans became selfish and heading in the direction of destruction for everyone...

We Are Humans

One day after moving a long distance , In an unknown path , I stopped ,

I was confused , tired , exhausted

I Closed my eyes , took a deep breath , And thought ,

What are we all doing , Where are all we running to , What we all became ,

We are humans and they are animals

We all say they are dangerous ,

But what is wrong

Is the definition of human and animal is wrong

Or are we exchanging the places

I saw an animal who lost his life, For his beloved who died by a poacher ,

An animal always howling behind the cars,

People think her wild and dangerous,

But who cares , That she was howling for justice in the world of evils ,

That animal has lost 4 of her infant in a car accident

An animal got hurt by cracker

Thrown by some children

What could be even sadder than this

What are we teaching them in place of Harmony and peace

All these things makes me think

That we become a Human with no heart

God has given such a great power only to us

Being superior among all the species

But we became selfish and exploited our power

Hurt the one who are generous and fair

Who accept us as their superior

In the end we are making God to doubt on his decision

Maing Him angery , To remake His decision By bringing a havoc

At last we will lose everything

And in the end nothing will left

No superior , no inferior ....

Only shades of havoc everywhere...

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