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Fallen For My Seductive CEO
Chapter 1. Boring Interview
" So , Miss Moyon in two years you have changed 4 companies, may we why " asked the interviewer..

Fallen For My Seductive CEO

It's story about a 24 years old confident , beautiful and talented girl Moyon who loves to enjoy and taking risk in life ... She is totally a girl of any boy would wish for..

But Moyon always keeps herself away from love and all ... But her life takes a new turn when she fall for her seductive CEO...

Chapter . 1 . Boring Interview " So , Miss Moyon in two years you have changed 4 companies, may we why " asked the interviewer..

Yes sir , because I always try to do things beyond my capabilities , my limits.

I love to explore myself , my aim is always keep growing and for me growing means change , surprises , and undefined path .

The interviewer smirked and said "Thank you ! you will be informed if you are selected "

My phone rang

" Hey ! I am at " Shisen City Mall "

Are free now ? Lets go for my wedding shopping " asked Minmin

(Minmin is my best friend and roommate, we are together since 7th standard , I call her mini , thinking of her makes me feel myself so lucky,that at the end of the the day you have someone next to you to listen you ,motivate you , for me she is like sisters from another mother, though we are quite different, especially our ideology,for seeing the world ..)

Ya maybe we can but I still don't understand just why you wanna marry so early , you had just started your career and you can be more successful and..

" Oh God not again , your lecture about success and all , Miss Moyon your friend..

no ... no not just a friend , your best friend,motivator, advisor,listener and alot more is a normal women who is interested in love , wife , children.. "

"..Ok fine , cut the crab , let's go for shopping..." , I said..

" O great by the way how was your interview "

well not bad I m quite sure that this time also , like the last one I m not gonna select.. 😜😜

" what ! Don't tell me you again gave that crab ... explore myself type answer , I mean people are dying to work in "ZhiTech Company " and look at you how can you take your work so casually .."

Well ya okk ..

"O God what do you get ... "

Ok fine this one was the last , next time I will give my interview properly , I mean staying in your limits and doing the same things always,how boring and I don't work for company and money I work for fun..

As far as about the company you know me .. I m hard working , beautiful, talented, topper of " Seoul University " and the most important one ..I m confident , so I can get job wherever I want ..so just chill my dear..

(Finally I reached the Mall )

I said , " Okay I saw you and then with our talk , we did our shopping and then we went to the pub ... We danced , as always I got drunk and she took me home , don't know how..

Next day damm.. why she is so anger ,

"What ! Seriously you are asking me why the hell am I anger..

did you know what you did last night , you kissed someone saying that he is your boyfriend , why you drink so much if you know your alcohol tolerance is this bad .."

What the **** , by the why how's the guy looks , is he handsome..

"OMG! Like really Moyon you are dead today , just wait " .... really , then catch me and I ran here and there..as always you can't catch me , waoo I m so enthusiastic..

" ok ok fine , by the way he was killer, so damm handsome , he was worth kissing.... Also 😍😍 he was quite gentle type I mean he didn't kissed you back or something ,he just left .... "

Really wasn't he found me sexy enough Mr. Killer,

... But I appreciate , that's a good thing , didn't expect such a good boys still exist ..." Ya , correct "

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