Fallen For My Seductive CEO Chapter 7 . He Is Kind

Fallen For My Seductive CEO

     Chapter 7 .   He Is Kind stories

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I take my bag and left the office as fast as I could . My phone beeped ...

Fallen For My Seductive CEO Chapter 7 . He Is Kind

I take my bag and left the office as fast as I could .

My phone beeped ...

it's Mini 's message " I am at the bus stand, where are you ."

I replied, " almost there "

( I reached.. )

" Hey Moyon , what's up... did you forgot.."

And she paused..

" what happened ? Why your face looks so red and why are you so hot , are you unwell, Is everything all right?"

Yes , I am okay... Of course , I remember the treat...(for getting the job )

" Not bad , when do you start keeping secrets from me ."

(Now , this is what we call a bestie , we don't need words to understand each other)

It's nothing like that , I will tell you but first let's go to a good restraunt

I tell her everything and she is like...

" It's so romantic "

" but to me it's really embarrassing and awkward to do romance with my CEO ..Ahhh " I said

Next day I went office a little early , atleast half an hour before him . I put all the files at his desk along with his seduel , hoping he won't need me..

Then he came , I am at my desk , he directly went to his cabin , I got busy in my work when he came out , give me those files ...

and said , " follow me "

I followed him , and what he is heading towards the car

" Sit inside "

But why me , actually today I have some work , I have already asked Marie to go in the meeting with you...

" Whose work is more important than the CEO's , and Marie is not my assistant , it's you , so how can you asked someone else's to do your work , didn't you said before that it's my misconceptions for thinking you a lazy employee but now you are proving me right "

And after listening, I quietly sit inside .

He then start driving and asked " are you ignoring me because of yesterday "

(I am quite straightforward , so I directly said)

Of course ..it's embarrassing and awkward..

" Why so" he asked..

Well because you are my boss and I don't believe in love and all , of course I like you but it's just an affection...and after one night , I don't want things to be awkward between us and so I hate anything happen with office members especially someone above me...

(He moved his eyebrows up saying)

" Wao , you are quite very much straightforward , but how can you say that it's just an affection ? "

(Of all this did he really curious about this , seriously ...why )

Why you care ? And he stopped the car

I said, " what "

Then Looking at me he smiled and said ,

" Well , we reached , let's go for the meeting "

And then one after another we got busy in meetings .

Then , finally all the meeting end , ok so , now I am going back to office.

" What , did you forget . You still have one work left , as a assistant . "

What's that , you have only four meetings today .

" What about the party "

What do you mean ? Do you want me to come with you in a boring business party.

" well ya ."

It's not just a party , there will be an important client , with whom I am thinking to collaborate our new cosmetic brand , so , I want you to talk to him and I hope you know the reason "

Because of my last meeting ! In which I without having complete information was asked to explain about the terms ..

" Not bad , you are quite quick "

( Now , I have no reason to refuse )

Okay but I have to get ready , so I am going back home .

" Let me take you "

It's Okay , my home is near , I can go by myself .

" What do you mean , till then what should I do "

That's not my concern

" Of course , it's your concern ... it was you who seduled Al this , why would you gap 3 hours "

What ! Aren't you tired , it's for your good .

" No , I am not . I am workholic ( he said cunningly ) .....Now let's go "..

O God ! Just what the hell is in his mind .

" We reached "

Okay thanks

" What aren't you going to call me inside "

What , no , I mean why

" Okay , so I can come by myself , remember it's your fault for 3 hours gap "

Seriously.. whatever...

Okay , so , since you are here , do you wanna drink anything..

" Not really , instead I wanna eat something "

(He said cunningly )

What.. (I said shockingly loud)

" Ya i am hungry but , what kind of reaction is this , what are you thinking .

Do you treat your guests like this , make something and hurry up we have only 3 hours and you take quite so much time in getting ready "

Really and how can you say that , as if you know me from a long time ...

Okay , wait let me see what's there and then I decided to make noodles , I wash the vegetables and take knife to cut them when he came and stand behind me then slowly hold my hand ,

I looked at him with my eyes widened, my eyebrows up , what are you doing .

" Let me help you , give me the knife , let me cut the vegetables , till then boil the noodles "

Well , okay ( wao , that's so sweet )

He then cut the vegetables ,helps me and even stays here till , it's get ready ,

Finally it's ready, let's eat and after that I went to get ready , he got busy in his mobile..

I came out , I am wearing a black midi , a little bit short till my thigh , with my hairs bun shape , it's sleeveless , with net on the shoulders and collerbone and it's backless ,

all in one it's a little bit showy , I just wanna check will he mind wearing me such a dress (I hate people judging others on dress ,it's best method to hate him ,

even if any boyfriend gives the reason that he is jealous that other will see their girlfriend , then Mr.

I don't care , we girls not always get ready for our boyfriend , we even get ready for ourselves , especially applicable for me and yes if they call it feminist then yes I am ,

wait a minute but why am I comparing him as my boyfriend) he kept looking at me with a sweet smile ...

" Wao , you are looking quite pretty , I just can't take off my eyes from you "

What , it's just opposite of what I have thought but don't know why somewhere I feel good for judging him wrong...

(And his lines ,that he can't take off his eyes from me , it give the feeling like tickling in my stomach )

then we left for the ceremony or more appropriate our business meeting.

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