Fallen For My Seductive CEO Chapter 6 He is a troublemaker
Fallen For My Seductive CEO

                 Chapter  6 

       He is a troublemaker stories

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I stepped out of the car but i don't want to be seen by the employees and gossip about us . I hate such people and such a behaviour in office and so I walked hurriedly but stopped the moment he called out my name

Fallen For My Seductive CEO Chapter 6 He is a troublemaker

I stepped out of the car but i don't want to be seen by the employees and gossip about us. ( I hate such people and such a behaviour in office ... Gossip and all and so I walked hurriedly but stopped , the moment he called out my name)

" Miss Moyon , where are you heading towards so hurriedly "

(with hesitation , don't know what to reply)

I said , " I am going to . .. to office . Well actually , I am afraid that today is my second day in my transferred department , so I don't wanna be late . "

As I am quite punctual , don't know why some people have misunderstanding about me .

" Not bad , so you do know to taunt people indirectly , you are not that naive " He said laughingly

" But let me remind you that you are my assistant now , okay , so follow me."

Hey , but I did of bringing the file , now what else .

" Well , you will know in some time . I hope you have read that file which I told you to , or else you will be in trouble ."

Then ,he smirked and without any question I just followed him . We went to the presentation room and there were already some clients , they greeted , then he did the presentation .

After that what the hell , is he serious..

" Further details of this project will be presented by my assistant Miss Moyon.."

(What me , what is he talking about , is he joking , I didn't prepared anything ..why is he doing so )

I went towards him and said in low voice " what are you talking about.. "

And he just said , " just tell them the terms of this project that you have read in that file "

And the he went towards his seat..

( It's not something so difficult for me , though I have given many presentation , the problem is that I have read the terms but not that properly with concentration... )

Still I somehow told them about the terms and the presentation went fine ... The client then left ...

My mind is full of questions and thoughts , why did he did so? Why me? Is he doing all this things purposely? Was it because of that kiss? Is he taking revenge....ahhh

But I just tried to be calm , thinking that he might give this kind of sudden attacks to everyone.

With all these thoughts going on , he came towards me and

Just said , " not bad , you did quite well , better than I expected "

( Really , do he think me as an unpunctual , lazy , unqualified ... This trash )

" Did you said something " he asked.

No.. nothing..

Okay , then , inform me my today's seduel , you can get it from Samuel

( Samuel is his assistant , or should I say his ex-assistant )

But remember from tomorrow onwards you will make my seduel...if you don't know how learn, today only..

My head down and I just said , okay .

Then , I went to Samuel to get the seduel, where I got to know that he is on a leave for some week ...

I asked him about his rude behaviour and such a manner of presentation but instead of my answer he just smiled . . ( Total spy.. strange like his boss , match for each other 😂😂 )

But luckily it's for some weeks only...

Then I directly went to his office , informed his seduel to him and then went to my desk to make his tomorrow's seduel...

(It's not like I don't have any option , I can leave this job whenever I want , but that will not satisfy me , I am not the type to run away from obstacles , if you wanna give me hard times and want to see my loose face then go on and try me , I won't give up . Yes , now this is like me)

The seduel took half of my time , obviously it's my first time , as it actually isn't my work but finally it's completed..

Then I heard , " Moyon , the CEO has called you "

Oh ..ok , thanks..

I went to his office, he asked me about the seduel..and

I said , " yes , I have seduled. You have four appointments and then have to attend a inauguration ceremony , for our new cosmetic brand launch ...

He didn't looked up , completely indulge in files and then finally looking up ,

he said , " fine , I hope you have already read all those four files" What.. " What kind of reaction is this , of course you should read as my assistant "

( What seriously , did I said anything wrong to him , why is he troubling Me so much) I then said but in a low voice , " whatever but his reason is quite illogical , read just because I am your forced assistant "

He then look at me and gave me a Vicious smile , as if he heard what I thought and said in low voice..

I left and start reading the files , it's late 9 pm and like yesterday today also I am the only one left with him.. still one file left..

I went for coffee , put the cup under the machine when I felt someone behind me and I turned and shout then I felt a hand covered my mouth tightly and open my eyes slowly , it's him

(O My ! I just forgot that I am not alone and it could be him but why the hell he came so slientely... Is he intensionally trying to scare me ?? )

He then slowly removed his hand from my lips , his one arm on the my back of my shoulder and his eyes looking at me ..

(His eyes looks like , laughing on my actions but lovingly as if he found this cute , his lips curved with a slight smile)

Woo, what is this , you scared me to death..

" So you scare from aloofness "

No , I don't , but if someone slientely come from behind with the intension to scare, anyone will..

"What do you know , what my intensions are "

(His line just kept reverberating in my head , my mind and my heart , I just don't understand why your each and every word influence me so much , if such a line is said by someone else , then that person definitely gonna get a slap from me ...

His eyes , he looked at me then to my lips for a while , then again met with my eyes )

He then moved his hand slowly from the back of my shoulder , down at my waist, wrapped his arms around my waist with his hands at my curve and then he pushed me back towards the wall ,

still looking at me , he touched my fingers with his other hand and moved slowly towards my palm , wrapping his hand around my wrist and then moving up touching my forearm ,

upper arm and then from my shoulder to the neck with his thumb touching my chin , his one hand still around my waist so tightly that I could feel the touch of his body in mine ,

his tough apps on my soft belly , then he moved his face closer to me , our nose touched laterally , my eyes are closed involuntarily , I could feel his breath on my lips ,

and could sense the closeness of his lips to mine ... possibly a thin sheet of paper like space between our lips , which is about to vanish ....

But then my phone near the machine rang and I come back to my senses , I then slightly pushed him away and then pick up my call , it's mini ..

" Hey Moyon , where are you .You didn't informed , are you going to be late , did you forget your treat today for the job.."

Oh ... Sorry , well I will be there in half an hour , ok bye bye...and then I hung up.

(My heartbeat rate is so fast that it could be heard by anyone even being at a distant.

He is like an alcohol to me , I always lost control on myself as if I am hiprotised by his eyes , his Aura . Oh ...not again ok stop)

I said to him , " think I should leave.."

"Wait. ..let me drop you "

No .. no it's alright she. .. I mean my friend is near our company , so... good night and as always I left hurriedly.

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