Chapter 4 . I Am His debtor
  Chapter 4 .  I Am His debtor stories

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Fallen For My Seductive CEO
Chapter 4 . I Am His Debtor
Next day I went to office (I am wearing a translucent baby pink sleeve less shirt with denim mini skirt , light pink lipstick and little bit curled hair )

Chapter 4 . I Am His debtor

Next day I went to office

(I am wearing a translucent baby pink sleeve less shirt with denim mini skirt , light pink lipstick and little bit curled hair )

I am about to sit at my chair when a notice came to me , I read it , what ! I am transferred to upper department .

But why ?I am not very well aware of that department though that department is far better than this one...

I went to talk about this to my manager and returned back by his emotional strategy of convencing me , with no option I wrap my things and went to upper department.

I just hope I don't meet him and luckily I got to know he didn't came yet and then I got busy in my work .....

Well it's late 9 pm and I have still some work left so I have to stay so I already informed Mini .

Finally only a little bit , just about to complete , when I felt the same Aura around me , the same essence , and hell ya it's him ..

He is standing behind me and then he bend down his well curved chin is some millimeter above my shoulder, his both hands on the desk enclosing me in his arms without touching and

....he asked "why are you still here"

( his lips close to my ears , that I could feel his warm breadth that brushed my cheek.. O my heartbeat , it's rate is increasing )

I replied " I had some work so.."

and he finally stand back , I stood up and looked right in his eyes , dont know why I am nervous , but I very well know how to fake confidence

Well , it's completed now , so I will get going , good night sir...

I took my bag and put my things back and turned to leave before he walked towards me

.. I moved back , and stopped at my back touching the desk , he came closer to me , his eyes totally looking at me

(don't look at me with that looks , otherwise I will end up doing something stupid without alcohol , O God ! His eyes work like an alcohol to me , please move back)

He moved his face forward , his lips so close to mine , I could feel his breath on my lips , I couldn't resist and closed my eyes , and felt that breath near my ears ..

then he said " do you really don't remember me or are you ignoring me "

(O God is he talking about that kiss , what should I reply)

Well , about , that day I am really sorry , actually I was drunk and so , because my alcohol tolerance is quite low..

And he said , " I know , your alcohol tolerance "

And then he laughed...

(" what so funny , many people have even bad alcohol tolerance than me " I thought)

" You know , how ?? " , I asked

( What a stupid question , am I out of my mind)

" Well obviously because of your actions that day "

and my eyes were looking down in embarrassment , ...

"So are you apologitic "

yes I am really sorry ..

" then do as I say only then I will accept your apology.. "

What! even though I am sorry that doesn't mean I will do anything, understand..

" What , anything ...Wao , not bad but Miss Pretty , what's going on your head ??...well you have to be my assistant "

what again change of my work , first of all tell me is this was you because of whom I am transferred to this department...

" well what do you think.."

it means it's you but why and now why your assistant

" Just because I needed a assistant and for that you are quite perfect... Now no more questions , now listen tomorrow come to my house with the black file which is on my desk "

Wait but when did I accepted that .....

" it wasn't an offer or choice , Miss Right .... its your duty to listen me as an employee and also as a debtor "

First of all my name is Moyon not Miss Right or Miss Pretty... okay and What debitar...

Then he touched his lips with his fourfinger , with a Vicious smile ...

(what is this I am debtor of his kiss, what the hell)

With no choice , I went to his office to take the file and ready to leave but then he offered me to drop

(Oh seriously , it's already so difficult for me being around you and sitting in your car like really)

no ... it's fine actually I have to meet my friend and I hurriedly left before he could speak back...

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