The Letter
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Father , the man who is an integral part of our lives.

The Letter

It was my Grandfather's funeral . The whole house was in a state of mourning.

My father was rummaging through the loads of case files (my grandfather was a lawyer) in search of a ID proof which would be required to issue a death certificate.

I followed him up to the attic , and helped him to search for a puny document in a sea of old yellowish paper.

There was a damp smell prevailing in the room and by the time we shifted a few stacks of old parchments, we were drenched in sweat and covered in dust.

I was pretty disgusted and complained to my father . I turned and saw him staring at an old brown envelop , the writer's name was probably written in gel ink and as a result was smudged .

It was addressed to my grandfather. My father quite easily pulled open the flap as it was old and the glue had worn off. We recovered a sheet of paper ,neatly folded and placed in the envelope .

We emptied the envelope to find a metal ring , engraved on it were the initials of my Uncle's on one side and my Grandfather's on the other .Father began to read the letter and I peeped on it.

It read;

Dear Father,

Hope to find you in best of health and spirits.

I am in Berlin. I work here for an insurance company. After leaving India I traveled round the globe which was my passion .

Now it has proven to be helpful as I have earned fame as a part time writer in Germany . It has earned me quite a lot of money . I lead a pretty decent life in a cottage in Berlin.

My office is just a minute's walk from the cottage. German weather has perfectly suited me . The only problem is in winter when the temperature sometimes goes below the minus.

You can just sit by the fireplace and enjoy hot chocolate . Wrapped up in wool and armed with a spade you have to remove a foot of snow accumulated in the lawn .

It snows almost every evening .The summers are quite pleasant and the Germans are very amicable . I am residing here for two years and have made quite a few friends .

Father, I know you will never misunderstand me like my brothers. After mother passed away I was too depressed and wished to leave the house .

When I expressed my desire all of them pounced on be . They rebuked me but you remained silent . Your silence was the greatest approval.

You always said that we can only succeed in what we like . I liked globetrotting and this carefree life . You would be happy to know that I succeeded in life.

That night when I sneaked out of the house , you handed me an envelope , it was your pension . You had believe in me, you found me suitable .

When I exhausted that money , I did part-time jobs, I struggled and finally ended up here but I never gave up. I believed that it was my duty to keep up your name.

I have sent a small gift for you. I intend to return to India soon . Please try to convince my brothers



After reading the letter , a tear drop rolled down my father's cheek. He said ," Father, you knew all about it, still you pretended to be angry with brother .

There is really no one as great as you . You seem to silent but your silence in a mixture of many emotions , your love is immortal .

Please try and forgive this foolish son of yours for being unjust to his brother. Wherever you are ,rest in peace".

I felt sad for my uncle he couldn't meet his father one last time.

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