Father , my love
Father , my love
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father you will have a special place in my heart

Father , my love

In my childhood ,

He held me in his arms

In my childhood ,

He taught me to walk holding my palm.

It is my father whom I speak ,

Describe him with words so weak.

Father,you had never once been irritated,

By the mess I created .

Father you had never once been irritated ,

The way I misbehaved .

Father you did not express your weariness

To maintain my happiness.

Father you were never tired ,

To console me when I grew upset for reasons so weird .

Father you never wished anything ,

Though I demanded for from you , everything

Father , I am so forgetful

Of your love

Which makes me so ungrateful

Father , Your love is the greatest potion,

Your smile has the greatest emotions.

Father , I am blessed to have you in my life ,

I will be blessed to serve you day and night

Father your expectations ,

Are my ultimate goal.

Father your desire,

Is my destiny

Father it is not a single day ,

I express my love for you.

Father it is everyday ,

There is my love for you

Father , this love cannot be seen ,

For it comes from within the heart .

Father , this love cannot be divided ,

By a person apart.

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