The girl from Florence
The girl from Florence stories

archietj Community member
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A poem about the exgirl of my dreams.

The girl from Florence

In Florence love was born

A girl outside her dorm

My mind like a storm

Her figure in a form

Everything transformed

Rarely out of norm

Enchanted like chloroform

Traveled back home

Elegantly she roamed

Loved her like syndrome

Looking at pearly domes

Hear the beast moan

Everything had blown

Reduced to bone

I felt the pheramone

Listen to the laud drone,

Only she had shown

Very strong feelings

Even told me she'd known

Deeply and alone

Hear the whispers go

Everything I thought i had know

Realized... that was all for show

And now only echoes remain

Let me not refrain

Were not to blame

Are we still going to gain?

Your decisions to blame.

Sit there in shame

Recall your claim

Every night you'd say...

May it never be the same

Exclaim... for

My heart was your game

Believe me your name

Echoes like fame

Restless I'm made

Many nights were spade

Eternally it will not fade

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