To, A Beloved One.

A Beloved One. poet stories

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a love note from miles away up-to the Skies.

By: a.y.m

To, A Beloved One.


This bygone spring was a little unkind,

it took away the blossoms halfway bloomed.

Left leaves withered, the walls quiet.

Garden that fluorescences once now mourns in sigh.

It took away the love for dawns, warmth of sunrise.

Morning star disguised as mark to utmost loss of mine.

It took away so much more than I could ever write.

It took away you from me, for it'd been just a little while.

Patience, hope, light may come,

but let me keep it for some other day.

I have been told pain is a blessing,

so for some seasons, let it stay.

Let me grief for you won't be there

in moments you craved, future you promised together,

Let me grief for there was so much to say, so much to listen,

so much more in our stories to occur.

May this be conveyed up to the skies,

as you leave, you took a part of mine.

And as for you: Heart is a spectacular thing,

to let breathe more than a single life within.

I pray the white cloth we dressed you in,

be stainless of worries and sorrows.

They told sound you sleep beneath a tree, may it's shade ever grows.

May the fragrance of roses brought, reminds

how immensely you're adored.

I pray your resting place be wide, be warm.

Your soul radiates light like your persona hold.

Righteous souls assist you, your presence be glorified.

May breezes bring good tidings of The Divine.

I pray no harm afflicts you, no night petrifies.

For Indeed, His refuge is tenderer. His love sublime. ♥️

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