Edged Obsidian

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aramis Community member
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A poem.

Edged Obsidian

I am standing, firmly rooted by my ankles, Atop a monolithic slab of smoothed marble and obsidian. This stone vehicle careens across space and through time, The platform moving of its own accord, Levitating by some force I do not comprehend, Hovering within an endless abyss of night.

As it tears forward at unimaginable speed, Cool winds rush across my face, Relaxing me, Magnifying my solitude. On either side, winking in the dark, Are immeasurable flashes of pinpointed light.

They appear as little windows, Behind which cycles the birth, And the death, of infinite stars - Billions of years compacted within fractions of a moment. At such great speed, I see only streaks of light passing by - As if the darkness were painted by Hermes' leaps betwixt worlds, Brushed by the Talaria of Mercury. The flux of movement and momentum clears my mind -

If the only alternative is nothing, Is it not always better to spend our time what makes one happiest? I weep in humility before the face of all that is, Knowing how little I understand, And ever will.

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