self-condemnation (By: Aquagend Williams)
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self-condemnation (By: Aquagend Williams)

Warning ⚠️ This story is not and shall not influence readers to do as said. This story contains homosexuality, if you are not comfortable reading about the same sex please be advises to not read this story. If anything in this story offends or makes you uncomfortable please email the author at

Have you ever did something you would regret at the end, sometimes the things that you have is never enough until you don't have it anymore. A foolish cat, drinks milk on it's own

I was young, and completely lost in fact I was dumb enough to make my life a living hell

I grew up in a family of seven, three brothers, two sisters, my mom and a step dad. Everyone was successful except me, had a job went to college and had the perfect relationship

But me on the other end, I was the youngest, never had a job, and a love life But I could have if I had cared what i had but he's gone and now I'm far from the shallow And it all started on the day I was born

🎵Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday to kina happy birthday to you 🎵 Everyone sang as I stood there blowing the candle, "I wish to have a happy family at my side" I open my eyes and looked around but deep down inside I felt something missing but didn't know what it was

Two days after my wish came through everyone was happy My sister got into the parliament, my brother got into college but I wasn't happy and It didn't matter to me, all I wanted was for my family to be happy

Months after I was the only one in the family who had nothing so everyone rubbed it in my face

I've been going through a lot at school and home so I changed, I stop caring for everyone else and start caring about myself

So I took my education to the next stage I then became the top student in my school, so I became more selfish, I treated everyone the way I felt and at the end of that I had nobody but It didn't stop me

One year after I graduated college with a high degree, so i continued to be selfish, I felt to my self that caring for others made me stay below them

And I joined the business industry I became one of the biggest business man my country and the 2nd richest, I didn't need anyone in my life or so I thought

"Good morning, sir, theres a mr.kyle here to see you" Kyle was one of the the richest guy in the country and he started as young as I was , his manager asked me to partner in a program to build the world first smartest AI assistant, so I accepted

I never met Kyle in person before but I heard his story he was basically like me, single but not selfish as I was

"Send him in please" As the doors opened and he walked in "mr.kyle welcome" I said standing up, Kyle stood their staring at me "mr.kyle" I repeated as he wakes up form his day dream "Wow, I heard you were young but not this young" he said smiling so big his face turned red.

"Well mr.Kyle" and he interrupt me saying "please call me Kyle" Kyle and I had a successful conversation, and at this point, everything was going well.

Two weeks after we started the project, so Kyle and I started to hang out more, We talked like we've known each other for several years, and I was feeling alive for the first time.

My phone lit up, Kyle had messaged me and ask if id would like to visit view point waterfall, and I accepted.

Knock knock "Are you ready?" "Yeah I am" On our way Kyle was very silent and didn't even speak to me, but it was okay.

As we arrived to the point of the waterfall, Kyle and I stood on a rock, and there he said it "There is something I wanna tell you" "What's that?" I said looking at the view "I'm in love with you"

I turned around and yelled "what!" Kyle got very silent and I got very scared "You can't love me Kyle" I said looking in the other direction Kyle said sounding very disappointed "How can I prove it ?"

And I replied the stupidest thing "jump" I never thought that he would have actually jumped but as I turned around, Kyle had already jumped over the cliff

I panicked and called for help, I got worried and scared, it had been three days and he was not found, so I continued our project and was offered help form a Russian company

Seven days after Kyle showed up, starving and looking like he was attacked, I cleaned him up and took care of him Ding dong the door bell rang As I opened the door all I heard was "Tim Phillips, you are under arrest for illegal conduct" I stood there as the cops walked in and put the cuffs on my hands.

Kyle was asleep and had no idea what was happening, they took me down to the station, where I explained about the Russian investors, but they had found several illegal files in my company, I was held in a cell for nine hours when a cop came and said "you have been released" I knew it was Kyle but I didn't know how he did it.

Kyle had been sentenced for 3 years of prison, and I was free To walk all Because of my selfish mistakes I tried and tried to, get him out but i failed. Months after the Russian was arrested and I had no idea what was coming for me.

I stop my business and tried to find a way to get Kyle out, spent millions of dollars but found out you can't buy your way out of selfishness.

3 weeks after, my house was broken into, but they didn't take anything but they left a note, "Dear Mr.Tim you are gonna regret putting seven of my valuable men in prison, I am coming for you, you'll pay".

I got scared, I reported it to the Police got myself more security and waited. Months past and I was safe so I took it as a threat, I reopened my business and built a bigger organization.

Two years after and I still kept fighting the court for Kyle but it was useless

With everything that was going on I didn't had the time to clean my home, so I decided to clean it myself for my punishment of what I did.

As I cleaned I found several unknown security cameras in my bedroom and living room, I found out that the Russians was spying on me, I removed the cameras and took it to the cops.

On my way back I was attacked by a blue car with several armed men shooting at my car I drove as fast as i could and lost them in a parking lot

I went straight to the cops again but they denied my request, they said "there is nothing to worry about we got the Russians" they kept denying me.

Several days after it was the trial of Kyle case so I got up got dressed and was more than ready this time.

I got into the court room and spoke my heart, tears came out of my eyes as the judge said "Kyle Macoffe, should be released today at 10:30 am I began to cry the tears of joy

I was excited to see Kyle, so I went home and waited for him 10:30 had past and he didn't show up but just a couple of hours after the door bell rang

I got up and ran to the door as I opened it, there he stood, and but happy to see me, "Kyle I'm sorry" I began crying I thought he would have never for give me but he walked up to me and hug me and said "it's okay I did it for you"

I sat there on the bed as Kyle slept watching him, feeling like I was someone for the first time That feeling was Love

I touched him and leaned forward and kissed him he then pulled me against him, and began to make me feel so warm and comfortable As we kissed I took it up a big and removed his shirt, he looked me in the eyes and said "Are you sure you wanna do this?".

I kept quiet and continued to undress his and he did the same to me, I had this feeling of love in my body as he romanced me though to naked

After we laid and talked about each other for hours and I fell more in love with him

Kyle and I had a happy ending For that while This story isn't over if you wanna know what happened after like this and share it Thank you for reading

Written by Aquagend William's

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