Not what I expected
Not what I expected 

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He was straight and I was not but what happened on a stormy night, changed everything

Not what I expected

Written by Aquagend William's

It was quite, dark and mysterious, the tree branches shake as the wind blew and my phone rang (Ting, ting, ting), I was all alone on a stormy night,

"Hello" I answered with a stammering voice "Where are you" he said sounding like he was running away from something or someone,

"I'm home , um who is this?

he said "it's me Nate!

" If your wondering who Nate is let me tell you, Nate and I attended the same high school, he is the most attractive person in my class other than the foot ball team with only boxers on,

everyone wanted him to be their boyfriend and ofcourse me too but there was one big problem, Nate was straight and I am not, so I mostly pretend to look away from him.

"I'm in front of your house open the door" he said leaving me wondering why he came over in such a huge storm,

I hanged up and walked downstairs as I open the door I saw his abs printing through his wet tshirt "come on in" I said bravely "sorry to show up like this but I was out and your house was

the closest to get to", "No it's fine I understand" but all I understood was him talking in his mature manly voice "who's home?

" He asked breathing deeply in and out, we talked for hours and hours until he said "I'm hungry" that was the moment I always waited for to cook for Nate,

I stammer and said "I could make a sandwich if you want",

"yeah that sounds appetizing" he said smiling at me I felt like the storm was in my body instead Nate sat down on the sofa watching the news as I went ahead to make the sandwich,

I then served him the sandwich with a glass of coke and sat down staring at his wet body,

I just wanted him to stay that way but I had to ask "do you wanna borrow some dry clothes" he replies with a bite of the sandwich in his mouth "oh my God yes,

thank you" I then brought a boxers and a tshirt for Nate as I sat down unexpectedly he took his clothes off right in front of me,

I was shocked to the max seeing his naked body standing there, he sat down and said "did you actually made this sandwich" biting into it, " yes i did",

" this is the best thing I ever ate in my life" I wanted to drop dead but he kept me alive when he finished the sandwich Nate began to ask me questions the ones I never expected, "your single?

", "you ever had somebody?", etc. But he then said "I just wish you'd stop pretending and be yourself" I swear my heart stop beating for a moment,

He got up and sat right next to me, putting his hand on my legs and said "I need to tell you something" that was the moment I knew I would have had a heart attack

And he said it "Alex, I'm in love with you" tears came out of my eyes just like that as I watch him in the eyes

"But why you never told me?" I said leaning against the opposite side he became quite and took my hand and kissed me

My body was filled with joy, and excitement that I couldn't move a muscle "Since the day you hit me with the ball I fell for you" If your stocked about that part then so am I

Today me and Nate are living in our dream home with our dream jobs

And a the most precious jewelry in the world A SON His name is Nick, we adopted nick form a family of 12 and now hes the one thing that matters more to us

Today nick is 12 years old And happy with us as for Nate he is the best father I've ever seen But our love has been for 9 years and will forever be

If you have a crush on someone just hit him in the guts with a ball, no please don't do that, if your crush likes you back he or she will come to you even through a storm

This is my story, what's yours

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