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aqua An artist of all sorts.
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Why is it easier to accept the now, than change the then?

Your Wish

One day, you'll see

how opportunities come and go.

And how somedays you fall

down to the deepest pit of earth,

and other times you can fly

and your fingertips reach the edges of heaven.

Yet you wish, that this was not,

that this was untrue

and your dreams alive.

That it was not,

that the sometimes was always

or never or a maybe

but it is what it is.

Sometimes, you can conquer the world

with your striking temper and raging soul.

Sometimes, you can't; you're dust in the wind.

softly living, barely as you can.

It'll be easier to accept

It'll be easier to know

if only, if only,

that those sometimes was sure.

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