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aqua An artist of all sorts.
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When described a place to learn, the mind automatically jumps to school. But speaking honestly, what have we even learned there?

A Place to Learn

A teacher may go by, greetings exchanged

a fleeting moment of recognition

and then nothing at all.

I wish for a day when teachers taught us well

a day when scores doesn't matter

a day when teachers cared.

But look! Listen! I have something to say,

there are bittersweet things you must learn to accept.

It may not be the time yet,

in fact the time may never come.

But what I can promise

is a world where you can try your best.

So my lessons are near and I can tell you some,

what makes a person happy is what other people feels.

Deny it as you will, but I will continue

Joy is not a moment fulfilled by a gift by one

I'll tell you, the life and love is what makes every true

In another exchange, choose instead to talk

talk to their heart, and to yours as well,

for happiness is waiting you.

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