Letters from long ago...
Letters from long ago... yearning stories

aqsamustafa Wattpad writer and student eternal
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Letters from long ago cut through your heart sharper than a knife, burn hotter than fire and sting worse than a bee... So you agree?

Letters from long ago...

by aqsamustafa

Reading letters from long ago,

From friends unseen and sweethearts unheard,

From the brow of past a pearl chosen,

From the boughs of Shadow an apple plucked.

They wrote in long, loquacious lines,

Of secrets shared and laughter laughed,

Of strings of rosy, giggling smiles,

A bright, bright twinkle in those pearly eyes.

Words flowed easy in those long lost days,

Of love and yearning, pacts and vows,

Promises made with unchecked abandon,

Oaths sworn on a nebulous tomorrow.

Now only silence reigns profound,

In your heart and on those wrinkled pages,

Those friends are long, and yet longer, gone,

Their words only foreign ears perceive.

Put a hand on your bleeding heart,

Stem the flow and quench the wound,

The letters gibber an inarticulate symphony,

Listen...and don't respond.

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