Born Again: For the Sun Will Rise.
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The life of another can be hard to follow, but what if your life is theirs?

Born Again: For the Sun Will Rise.

April. H (@thekettle.episode)

I was born when the morning star began to rise over the hill tops. I stumbled over the dewy blades of grass, feeling the cool breeze grazing across my whiskers tips.

I opened my eyes to witness the sun dancing gently through the soft morning mist. It was the most the beautiful and most enchanting thing I would ever see.

I turned to see the one who had given me life. A gift so magical and precious no one would ever be able to surpass it. She was just as beautiful as the glowing star. Even more so.

Her smooth red hair reflected the sunrise with the most remarkable tones of orange and red. Those big round eyes said a thousands words, no one could decipher or understand apart from myself.

Birds started chirping in the background singing us a soothing melody. Welcoming me and all the other creatures into the world. My first day on planet Earth.

Which would also be my last.

Hounds echoed in the distant. Howling their marching number. Ready to play their favourite game. Horses hooves galloped across the meadow bed, joining the terrifying hunt.

The growling and wailing continued to approach closer. My mother started pounding with fear, she lifted me into her mouth. She panted heavily while she dashed towards the tree line.

Sprinting for cover deep within the forest. The only place the horse can't fit. The once singing birds flew out of their nests. And now shots were the only thing singing to us now.

Laughter followed the shots. Then the world played in slow motion. With muffled sounds and my own blurry vision. A world spinning too fast that it appears not to be moving at all.

First, my mother got knocked down; I rolled out of her grasp to the hard floor. She hissed and wailed, cried in pain as they bit, tormented and pulled her limbs.

Her once beautiful red hair was now covered in a deep dark matted blood. The last thing I heard in this short life was a distressing weep from my mothers throat.

But I didn't have time to mourn. For the world around me kept spinning. And just one snap at my newly born head, it was all over.

So when I was reborn underneath the rising sun once more, when I saw the sun burst through the window, I vowed to save my kind. Not my human kind, but my fox kind. The ones I truly belong to.

So imagine my shock when I found the exact same hill. With the exact same sunset and the mother who gave birth to me all those years ago. I could never forget those big round eyes. Never.

She was giving birth to myself, but this time, I was witnessing as a human. I realised, this was what I was born to do. To save myself. To save my mother.

No blood was shed that morning. No lives were lost. So the birds continued to produce that haunting melody; the first thing I had ever heard. The sun still danced through the mist.

But most of all I lived.

Not forever.

But I lived.

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