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Because I am different?


by april199

Because I'm different, you mock my intelligence. You mock me because you've been brainwashed.

The colour of my skin can not harm you. Nor can the person I love.

I'm not a plague to the world. Nor am I a fashion trend.

The only person I can truly hurt is myself. Not your son, your sister or wife. Nor will I change your daughter's skin by loving her.

I believe in your God; he's my God too. I go to the church a mile down the road to yours.

I'm a woman, but I'm not weak. Nor am I asking for it when it's a hot sunny day.

I am a minority, but I am not a stereotype. I don't eat your pets because of the shape of my eyes.

The scars on my wrist won't give you depression. Nor am I ashamed of them.

Yes I'm a single mother -- But you don't accuse the white mother next door of scrounging.

I'm not oppressed because I choose not to show my hair. Nor am I a terrorist.

I have tattoos and piercings . But I'm not a trouble maker.

But because society has said otherwise. So you will continue to 'but?' me.

But she goes to a public school?

But he's black?

But he's gay?

But they are taking our jobs?

But big lips are so fashionable?

But he's suicidal?

But he's black? Why do you love him?

But God sins you and your 'kind'?

But she climaxed?

But he's preachy?

But your lot eat dog?

But they are so ugly, aren't you ashamed?

But she's scrounging from our country?

But she's oppressed?

You seek all the explanations, but aren't willing to listen to the answers.

Because I'm smart. Because I'm black. Because I love him. Because I need to eat. Because I'm bullied everyday. Because it's rape. Because it made me stronger. Because I choose.

BECAUSE I'm strong, clever, independent and loving.

--- BECAUSE I AM ---


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