An Open Letter
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apricott maybe I could eat blades of grass
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I don’t know. I don’t know.
I love you

An Open Letter

To whom it concerns:

You’re here (as they say) and you’re always here,

You’re always around. The clear space

Between bodies and bodies and objects

The white sound when it’s quiet, because there’s never

True silence.

There’s never nothing. (as they say)

But there is you, a simple sort of chaos

The shadows and bits of darkness that take attention from the light,

And the flashes that send them away.

The soft pause

Between someone’s breathing; or harsher yet, the moment before they

Let go.

That’s you. (as they say)

There’s never nothing, and, (as they say), what would be called nothing becomes


I can’t understand who you are,

Or your motives, or what you do. Why would you waste time on something like me?

But your presence lingers

And I can feel you,

Breathing down my back.

I would never be able to turn to look you in the eye.

I thank you sincerely for your time.

With love,

Your son

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