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It Lurks

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A dream of the stars

It Lurks

It lurks behind your eyes, coming out when reality blurs with fantasy during those long night when you can almost see the sun over the horizon.

It spins dreams over your vision: pulling you asleep chasing visions of stars calling out you from so far away.

You chase after them but fall from your perch upon a cloud, rings of planets you do not know catch for but a moment before you go further, slipping into a castle.

You hear the voice of the stars draw you further in the halls, glimpses of shining light around ever corner pulling you ever deeper to the heart of this necropolis.

You feel forced smoothness of the stone beneath you feet, the pound of your heels on the ground.

You see shades of the past rush by you, ghosts of those you came before and omens of those who will come after

You’ve seen this before, you’ve done this before. You have been both the chaser and the chased. You have both beckoned and followed. You’ve been the stars and the dead and will be once more.

But at the same time, this is the first time you’ve run through these halls. Every sight is new and with every life, every cycle, a world opens before you.

The only question is— will you make a difference?

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