What are we???

                  What are we??? #crush life stories

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What are we???

You hold my hand when we are crossing the road, But, you don't let me come near you. What are we? Are we something different?

You told me, we are close enough to talk about anything but you never told me how close we are. What am I supposed to think? What am I supposed to feel about our unnamed relationship?

Is it even worthy to be called a relationship??? "THE THING" which we have between is not more than emotions. Just tell me what you feel about me and if not then clear it out......don't leave me hanging

I try to stay away from but it's freaking hard, Every time my phone rings, I just hope it's you, but no... Why am I the only one who starts the conversation

Is it what we call a one-sided love... and if not , then what is it??? You treat me like, I am special to you, you make me laugh, angry, sad and even some times jealous but what do I make you feel? Do i make you feel safe, worthy and special?

Why can't you ever tell me, what you think about me??? We meet every day, before classes, at lunch and after school and you treat me different yet you leave me hanging... What am I supposed to think, that you just like playing with my feelings or is it just your nature?

I am confused man, what am suppose to think and feel. Is it how you treat other girls???? or is it just me?? and If I am special then what is the reason? Please finish this misunderstanding......I don't wanna cry every night because of you just to wake up the next day and crush again you

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