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appakkun Community member
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What are human beings to mother Earth?


Folks, I gotta admit, I gotta tell you who I really am;

I'm a temporary pimple on planet Earth. I popped up and after 75 years or less I'll pop out. There are no good or bad pimples, they just break out. Some are bigger, some smaller.

Some have accumulated a lot of liquid in them, all kinds of thoughts and emotions, some are peaceful, they just let emotions come and go.

Some are very uncomfortable and irritating that you wanna pop them right there, some are just there, you don't mind them. I wasn't born in 1965 or 2065.

Like when you eat chips or chocolate, you know what awaits you. The same with the evolutionary process. It's all cause and effect.

And soon after I'm gone, new pimples will take my place and the history will repeat itself. The end.

Now you know my true identity. There are blackheads and whiteheads, you can call me a yellowhead. Nice to meet you, fellow pimples[?]

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