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Where is God? What does it look like?

By: Sadhguru, Buddha

God’s land

by Sadhguru, Buddha

Once a bright sunshine was born into this life. She was very joyful, curious and brave. She always spoke her mind, but she lacked compassion.

She didn't know how her words and actions made others feel. He parents were the devotees of God Shiva.

She was born into a family, which loved her unconditionally and always gave her whatever she wanted. She grew up very spoiled.

Her mother always cooked her favorite meals and her father always bought her all her favorite things.

She grew tired of all the love and affection she was receiving from her family, wanted to move out and become independent.

As a child, she used to run away from home and roam around the village, whether it was night or day time it didn't bother her. She was fearless.

Her family used to worry about her a lot and couldn't explain all the dangers that could await her outside. So they just used to keep her locked inside home.

She grew frustrated and angry with her parents. She couldn't understand why she had to be controlled by them. She just wanted to be outside and explore life in its full colors.

Their home was close to one jungle. She always found ways to sneak out of the house and venture deep into the jungle. She was curious about how animals lived in the wild.

She used to mimic monkeys climbing from one tree to another. She watched birds fly and was jealous of them. She wondered why wasn't she born as a bird.

She used to step on insects without mercy, because in her eyes they were ugly and useless creatures.

She used to get injuries here and there, sometimes she got bitten by different insects and was hospitalized. Nothing stopped her.

Years passed by, she became a young woman. Her father caught a dangerous virus. He used to overwork much of his time and had a weak immune system. His illness got transmitted to his wife.

Not long after they both passed away. The young girl was shocked. She couldn't believe it. She thought they're going to be alive forever.

How such a thing is possible? Nobody told her that human beings die, she never witnessed such a thing. All her family members and friends were alive and well, but now her parents are no more.

She cried and cried days on end. Her neighbors took care of her out of their compassion. They used to bring her food and console her, saying it's going to be ok.

She used to throw tantrums, crush and break everything. She used to scream at God Shiva, saying "Why did you not protect your devotees?" She was devastated and her light deemed.

Months passed by like this.

One day she said it's enough. She ran away from the village to wherever her eyes led. Without food or water, she was looking for answers. Days have gone by, she got lucky and found a lake.

She stayed there for some time, drank fresh water, caught some fish and used to grill them. She had sleepless nights, her mind kept bothering her. She needed answers to millions of questions.

One day she noticed a bearded man in worn out piece of cloth, striking some weird poses near the lake. She got curious and approached the man. She asked him what he was doing.

He said, "I want to be free from suffering and ignorance young princess. I used to be a rich salesman in a nearby village.

I had everything, a lot of money, comfortable house, I got attention from all kinds of beautiful women.

But it was not enough, then I got married to a kind, pretty young woman and she gave birth to two little pranksters. But still I felt that something was lacking.

So I ran away from everything and became a Buddhist monk. I want to know why I was born and what I'm doing on this planet as a human.

Other monks irritated me, I wanted to be completely alone, so now I'm roaming the earth like Buddha himself did. The weird poses are ancients yoga poses, which help bring your body to a balance.

They remove friction and stress from the body. I also sit in meditation for long periods of time and watch my breath. It helps me to calm my mind and emotions.

I want to get enlightened and visit God's world. That's where all the answers are."

The young girl couldn't understand how striking some poses and sitting in one place for long periods of time could give answers to a human. But she asked him to teach her anyways.

She told the man about what had happened and out of his compassion the bearded yogi took her as his disciple. He showed her everything that he has learned until this time.

She was a fast, passionate learner. Months passed by, but still there were no answers. She was short tempered and thought that this man must be crazy and everything is useless and ridiculous.

So she gave up on everything and returned to her village.

The neighbors who took care of her back then, welcomed her to their small home. It was a family of one mother and five children. She helped her with house chores and took care of the children.

She loved playing with them outside. Sometimes she sneaked them out to the jungle and showed them all kinds of animals, flowers and plants.

She used to catch venomous snakes and imitate their sounds. The kids looked up to her and wanted to be fearless like her. She used to make everyone in the village laugh.

She was a prankster and didn't take anything seriously. Since she experienced loss and suffering, her compassion for others grew.

She noticed that she's not the only one who went through pain and misery. She noticed more and more people who got sick, who got old, who passed away. It broke her heart.

She used to find anything edible in the jungle, cook them and treat all the poor and homeless in the village. She learned how to sew and made some warm clothes for those in need.

Everyone loved her. She wondered how she could end suffering forever and bring peace and joy to all people.

One day she realized how joyful she became once again. After her parents passed away, she was angry and lonely all the time.

But now It hit her, it must be those yoga poses and meditation which made her peaceful again. She left the village again to find answers and promised people that she will come back.

She ventured out in search of truth. She walked into different kinds of places, towns and forests, near lakes and mountains. She met many other seekers like herself.

They also practiced yoga and meditation. Some lived together with other seekers, some lived alone in mountain caves, all on different levels of wisdom and knowledge.

She met devotees of Shiva, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, she met agnostics and atheists. She didn't have prejudice against any of them and was eager to learn from all.

Many years passed by. She didn't have any expectations at this point and thought that this is how her life is gonna be.

She accepted that she's gonna die a seeker and never experience God's world and find answers. She grew to admire and appreciate everything around her.

Every little flower, insect, animal, rock, she looked at everything with wonder.

One day in the morning she sat on a small hill under a warm sun and each breath she took with enormous joy and gratitude. Her energies started changing and she fell into deep meditation.

Suddenly she was a bird, watching a woman sitting on a hill. The next moment she became a grass, then she was the rock that she was sitting upon.

She merged with everything around her, everything was one. Now she doesn't step on insects anymore. She understood that there's a reason for each and every creature on this planet.

Water, air, rock, insect, bird, animal, tree, human, etc. without one, the other ceases to exist. She got enlightened.

She became still as a rock, nothing could break her peace anymore, she flowed like water, followed the wind. She realized who she truly is, a spirit in a human body. The fire inside her was lit.

She opened her eyes and it was dark. She thought only a few minutes passed by but it has been hours. Tears wouldn't stop flowing out of ecstasy and divine love.

She no longer felt hostage to her body and mind, she was free from all suffering and bondage. She visited the spirit world and met her parents after a long separation.

She didn't have any worldly desires left.

Now she had a purpose and a mission. She needed to help others to experience their true nature too. She needed to free others from their suffering and ignorance and give them wisdom and ecstasy.

She became God, she became Shiva. As she was returning back to her village as promised, she helped many seekers to realize the truth.

She was also lucky to meet that first yogi who taught her everything and enlighten him too. Each seeker cried out of joy and became her devotee.

She reached the village and ended all suffering for all. Everyone kept thanking her and became her devotees.

She continued her journey, visiting different villages and towns, she brought joy and wisdom to each home.

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