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What’s the purpose of this existence?

Finally home

There lived a little boy with his mother and father, in a small town. His parents were the devotees of Jesus. They didn't have much, but they never complained.

The little boy was always curious about life, nature, trees, animals, humans and always questioned why everything existed.

His father suggested he became a scientist and explore the cosmos or the nature around. But the little boy had a different approach to exploring life.

Wherever the little boy went, he just stared at objects for long periods of time.

He paid attention to every move the insects made, to the chirping of birds. He was curious what the birds were talking about.

He knew that they were not making just any kinds of sounds, he guessed that they were probably talking about the weather.

Sometimes he used to plant some tree and flower seeds, water them and watch them grow. It amazed him, how could one little seed produce such huge trees, which bear fruits.

He always questioned everything, but could never find a worthwhile explanation. The scientific discoveries didn't quench his thirst for knowledge.

His curiosity kept growing as he himself was growing.

In school he excelled in all subjects, it was easy for him. He had great focus, which many of his peers lacked. He was handsome and intelligent and was popular with girls.

His classmates used to smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol, party and sleep around. He gave all of those a try, but he lost interest in them fast.

When he became a young adult his parents passed away. He loved his parents more than anything.

He couldn't understand why such good people died, they were deeply devoted to Jesus and were not greedy, selfish or lustful. He started questioning life even more.

He couldn't understand what happens to humans after they die. He wanted to know and didn't want to wait until the scientists discover the answers.

After his parents were gone, he became depressed and isolated himself. He embraced all the pain without burying it with alcohol and drugs. He cried every day.

He didn't see any meaning to continue living.

One day he thought it's time to change his life and decided to dedicate his life to protect his nation. He joined the national army. He excelled and became a respected soldier. He went to a war.

He saw many innocent children dying. He saw many women and men dying. He killed many enemies and saved many of his comrades. He couldn't take it anymore.

He became traumatized and was sent back home.

Nobody was waiting for him. He developed PTSD and couldn't stay at one job for a long time. Even though he participated in a war and was a hero of his nation, he became homeless.

He saw too much suffering in his life, but he never complained. He kept questioning why these things happen. He never asked people passing him by for anything.

Some good hearted people used to leave some food and clothing by his side. Some left coins and small bills. He accepted everything with a grateful heart and thanked each person.

On one very cold winter night his body almost froze. Jesus saw all of it and couldn't see this man suffering in silence anymore.

Jesus was drawn to this man like a magnet, he couldn't ignore his beautiful heart and decided to bestow the man with wisdom.

The next morning the man woke up and felt very light and joyful. His body became healthy like nothing happened. He finally found the answers he was looking for.

He became ecstatic and free from suffering. He kept crying out of joy and thanking Jesus for his compassion.

He spent the rest of his life on park benches, enjoying the nature, whether it was cold or hot, it didn't matter to him. He embraced everything.

Whether he was alone or in a company of people, he always kept a smile on his face. More and more people started coming to him.

Not out of any particular reason, just being around this man, people felt accepted and loved.

He was like a flower, his energies were full of love and compassion and his fragrance couldn't be missed. He was like a magnet to all kinds of people and animals.

He didn't mind it all, gave hugs to people and blessed them to gain wisdom and be liberated from suffering. He fed animals with anything he had. He didn't desire any food or anything else.

He lived a joyful life and later passed away near a beautiful lake.

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