A story about success
A story about success life stories

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What is a successful life?

I've been listening to Funkin Matt - Aurora a lot and it's one of my favorite songs. Usually, when I listen to music, I try to create stories and make music videos for them in my mind. But it's hard to explain those stories in words, I wish you guys could see which scene happens on a certain beat. In my mind, I clearly see and feel the emotions of people, the places, people and how they look in the stories. So, this is the story that came to my mind, it's not very detailed. But with time and practice I'm sure I'll improve, you be the judge. 😏 Creating stories in my mind makes me happy and I've always wanted to share them with everyone.

A story about success

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

One day a very rich man in his late 60s, stressed out from work, went outside to smoke. He noticed homeless mother and a daughter asking people around for money.

He looked at them for a while in silence, with no thoughts or emotions, then went inside.

That day he started changing. He started paying attention to the people he spends time with more closely than ever before and all the paperwork in front of him made him feel gloomy.

He didn't have a deep connection with his children nor his wife. His friends are businessmen, very rich and egoistic, who do whatever they please.

Treat poor people like trash, call prostitutes, do drugs, even ready to kill others for their own good. His wife's a gold digger, children have grown up to be spoiled brats.

That's the kind of environment he grew up in during his childhood and he didn't know any other kind of life.

He thought that's the right way to live, to chase after money and power and he succeeded in it, but he has not found peace and harmony.

Several days later he saw those two homeless again and without much thinking he approached them and gave some cash. They looked at him in awe.

For them it was a lot, they wondered if they have been heard by God. The mother started crying, while the little girl joyfully smiled and thanked the old mister.

The old man felt something which he couldn't describe. Was this feeling what he's been looking for his whole life?

He wasn't a man of many words, he didn't say anything, went inside his office and sat down on his chair. The building made him feel empty. He turned on the news which he always watches.

Usually, the news always talks about politics, economy, etc. but that particular time, it was showing a report on poor nations.

The report said those people walk 10 miles each day to bring drinking water to their small, wooden homes.

Here are some pictures of wooden and other kinds of houses:


He has never seen anything like that. He grew up in a wealthy family, never had to walk a mile for anything. Everything was brought to him. He wondered why those people lived like that.

Several weeks later he couldn't take it any longer, the disrespectful treatment from his family, his friends sexually harassing waitresses and female employees, without any fear in them,

because they know, they can get away with anything. He felt deeply unhappy. He despised his job and the people around him. He knew he was different.

He looked himself in the mirror, emptiness and sadness overtook him. He had a choice, to keep doing what he's accomplished at or break free from his normal life and go on an adventure.

In the end, he left everything, gathered some architects, engineers, volunteers, etc. He decided to go to one poor nation and build them some movie theaters, restaurants and better houses.

It was a long, exhausting project. He also had to show those people, how the cinemas work, how the restaurants function. But he didn't give up. He was of persistent nature.

He decided to dedicate his life to it.

After many, long years of hard work people started coming to him and thank him, children even learned his language and wrote letters to him in gratitude.

They kept saying you're a gift from God himself. It made his heart feel very warm. He got choked up several times, because of strong emotions he was experiencing.

He started discovering more about himself, started feeling soft and playful. He made many friends from all over the world and started seeing how diverse life can be.

He understood the meaning of this life, he felt accomplished and achieved a peace of mind.

When everything started functioning, people waiting in line to go see movies, etc. he felt it's time to go back to his country.

When he got back, he bought a small apartment, threw away all his uncomfortable costumes and bought light, cotton t-shirts and sweatpants. Things he never wore before.

One day in the early morning he went outside.

It was a clear blue sky, the sun was shining bright, fresh smell of grass, birds chirping, squirrels jumping around, ants working hard as always. There was a cool breeze. He looked up the sky...

He finally fulfilled his true purpose. He became a volunteer by choice. With a peaceful mind, heart full of love and a joyful smile, both hands on his back, he took light steps into far distance.

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