The Godly Particle (Project: Equity)
The Godly Particle (Project: Equity) stories
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apolloTrying out some writing :)
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This would probably be the particle the main character in Project: Equity will be having.

The Godly Particle (Project: Equity)

by ApoLLo

The Laboratory

Far from the public's eyes is a research facility being used by a group of scientists who all share the same goal: creating a creature that is as strong as gods.

This molecule

Has the ability to control the speed of its kinetic energy, therefore giving it the ability to ignite like the hottest of flames, or to freeze like the coldest of ice.


It also produces sound waves inaudible to human ears which can control the flow of nearby water and, if preferred, the flow of air; therefore controlling them to its bidding.

It was made to endure

Through the extremes of temperature, through the highest points of stress and damage.

The only thing left...

The only thing this particle needs now is a body that can control it....

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