Project: Equity (Outline-ish)
Project: Equity (Outline-ish) stories

apolloTrying out some writing :)
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This is just another take on the Wattpad story that I'm still working on(also titled Equity). Hope you guys find it interesting or anything :D

Project: Equity (Outline-ish)

by ApoLLo

What if Man tampers with Life?

Hidden from the public's eye is a research facility aiming to successfully clone a human being.

The Professor

Among the scientists in the facility, the most successful in cloning a human was The Professor(he has no name as of the moment)

The Professor's Son

His motivation for the experiment is his only son, who died in a car accident 10-years ago. Because of this, he aims to create a clone of him.

What if Man plays God?

Noticing the great progress he has achieved, the other scientists in the research facility have decided to add "changes" to his clone without his permission.

The New Man

The other scientists have implanted in the clones DNA the elements of fire, earth, wind, and water. (Still working on how this actually happens but that will be the outcome)

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