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apolloTrying out some writing :)
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Hey guys, it's been awhile :D Man, I miss this place XD
This one, more or less, shows the things I've been going through for the past months I was inactive. Hope this can reach out and help someone out who is also facing the same problems :)

Out of the Dark

by ApoLLo

The Darkest of Thoughts

Although it felt like years, in reality, it has only been months. And in those months, I've reached a deeper level of darkness that my mind never entered before.


During those months, I felt like a burden to everyone around me; as if I only add to the problems that they're facing in their life. With these in mind, I thought suicide was the resolution.

I against I

After resisting the idea of committing suicide, days always end up with me arguing whether or not I actually have any purpose in life.

The Light is Brighter now

Thanks to my parents, friends, to her, and to Him, I gained the strength to climb out of the darkness. Never wanting to go back there ever again.

How I think of it

I see life always trying to pull me down. So, from now on, I choose to go back up whenever I am pushed down. After all, life is gonna get tired of pulling me down sooner or later.

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