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apoet I'm switching to IG- @whosthispoet
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This is more of a rap than a proper poem, I didn't try to prove anything in this one just thought I'd say what comes to mind when i saw the daily prompt,
Apologies if anyone is offended.


yeh i'll have that on the side,

yeh i'll have that on the side, bitch,

whatchu' mean don't talk to her like that she my side bitch, bitch,

come around the side and I'll beat your snitch ass up!

you already know i dont give a fuck,

Big Daddy, that's who i am, mess with me and I'll end up in the jam,

west side boys, we role up in a joint,

mess a brother up, we get straight to the point,

we'll slash you in the side right beside the boite.

I don't want no trouble but if you want a taste,

I'll slap you around so hard you'll turn right into paste,

yeahh jiggle jiggle mutha' fucka' you'll melt on the spot,

so don't mess with me homie or i'll show you what's what.

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