The Girl Who Tried (Part Two)
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aph_nyo_italiaWattpad Writer: Aph_Nyo_Italia
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This is the second part of The Girl Who Tried. It follows a young teen in her last year of college who isn't really noticed much and cares more about her studies than parties. What if she meets h i m?

The Girl Who Tried (Part Two)

by aph_nyo_italia

You have no idea how frustrating school is here.

A lot of people were around me, chatting with their friends, enjoying their time here once again.


I was lonely. No one spared a glance. It was like I was a ghost.

Of course, I didn't mind.

I was used to it after all.

"Hoshimi, pay attention!" My professor said, giving me a slight glare. A blush crept onto my cheeks, making my classmates snicker.

Oh, what a day! Already called out!

Sometimes, I just hate school.

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