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apexpredator poetic injustice.
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i don't even know what this was... i just started writing and went with whatever the backgrounds gave me. i guess it's an experimental piece. either way, let me know what you think of it. thanks


by apexpredator

we drive

on our way to the ocean

we drive

and we drive to the mountains and the small towns

little beach towns

with churches where time isn't real

and big cities

with buildings where time speeds up

and when it rains

the drops roll down the car windows

and it's so loud

and i can't hear over the roar so i turn my music off and i listen to the storm

and we reach the mountains

and my ears pop and the air is cold and the wind whips my hair around so it sticks to my lip gloss

and when we reach the ocean

the salt stains my lips and the air is so different and the people laugh like bells

but the cities

they bustle and shove and the sky turns orange at half past 4 am and that's when the world stops turning and we're all thrown from our car seats into the skyscrapers

but the view

the view from the air is big and grey and perfect and my lungs burn but they're full of life

and when we land

it's in a river

and we wait in the water

until dark and then we count the stars

they're so much easier to see

out here

but then there's the industry

it breaks your back and the smog fills your lungs and you feel dead and alive and broken and mended all at the same time

but it's just road

just road and sky and wind and sweat and 86° fahrenheit and the salt in the air slaps your tongue when you open your mouth to sing along

but we keep driving

we drive to live and we drive to forget and we drive with the windows rolled down

and the stars

the stars burn your skin but they cauterize all the wounds

so when the sun goes down

over the dash and under the wheels and your eyes sting with tears

you keep driving

and when you drive, your cuts forget to bleed and it's just road and sky and wind and the radio turned so loud you can't hear yourself breaking

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