Like mother, like daughter. @aperson
Like mother, like daughter.

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When Ivy gets a little brother, her family seemed a little off. Soon he is murdered. Who did it and, why?

Like mother, like daughter. @aperson

It was a crisp fall evening at the Finley house, the house of "perfection."

We were all supposed to be perfect, wealthy, and just easy to get along with, but once my little brother, Frankie was born, that all changed...

Frankie was four years old at the time when my mom started realizing that Frankie had some behavioral issues, he would cry and scream a lot and throw tantrums almost every week.

Just a couple of weeks ago he was murdered. Everyone thinks my dad was in on it, and now he's arrested. Frankie wasn't dad's favorite either.

Dad would slap him and, make Frankie stay outside and stave for dinner if Frankie refused to listen to mom.

Today the FBI agents and detectives are having an investigation at our house and at the lake where Frankie was supposedly drowned at.

I had to stay at my cousin's house but while we were there I had my mom's phone to call some friends, I saw an old text from "Alex." It read: "How'd it go? Are you still regretting you're decision? You know you cant go back to what has already been done."

I wondered what that could mean but it could be anything, so we went back home after they searched the house.

While my mom went to bed I snuck out of my room to see if I could find anything myself, since I've lived here for most of my life.

I searched the cabinets and under the stairs but there was nothing, so I decided to check my mom's car and, purse because I know if there is anything she doesn't want me to find,

it would most likely be in a place I wouldn't go looking for. I took the key and unlocked the car door and started looking.

I found a small napkin that had a phone number written on it and the name "Alex." It was Alex, again that was very strange.

So I decided to try to call the number sounding like my dad to see if maybe Alex and dad teamed up. "Hello, Georgia I haven't heard from you in a while, how did the plan play out?" Alex said.

"Hi Alex um I was busy making plans and they searched the house today. Also what was the plan again I kinda keep forgetting things under all of this pressure." Alex hung up.

Hm, so he might know some stuff and a plan that seems interesting. Then as I was about to open the door I found my mom's journal on the side of the door.

I read a few pages in the journal a lot was about Frankie, of course, and of it some about her health.

I went to where the bookmark was at,

and I talked about Frankie too but this time it was very different She talked about what it would be like without him in her life and how she would be better off if he just disappeared.

"Ivy is that you?" My mom whispered loudly from the other side of the door. I must have not heard her come in the garage. "Mom did you have something to do with Frankie's disappearance...?" I asked her.

"Yes I had multiple days where I would slap him and talk about him not being with us, in therapy, but why would I do that?" "Oh, I dunno maybe because I found this journal that seems to be yours...¨

I answered with a small grin. "Well I don't know what makes you think I would do such a thing do you not trust your own mother, Ivy?" She replied with a stern voice.

"Well yes, maybe I'm wrong, I'm kinda tired, I'm going to bed, night mom."

-The next day- I woke up and bumped my head on something, a roof? I looked around the dark place and saw some lights on each side. Wait am I in a trunk?!

"Ah, so you're awake." It sounded like a masculine voice similar to Alex's. "Where are we going?" I asked nervously. "Were just taking a small trip." A woman said.

"Mom?" I felt for something to grab to see if I could bust the lights out. I found a shovel and pushed all my weight to open the light. Ugh there.

Once it opened I noticed something familiar there was a forest and I could see the lake nearby.

As we got closer and closer to the lake my heart started racing I searched for my phone, but it was gone. Great now I will die. "Are you sure this a good idea Georgia?" Alex asked.

"No but its the only chance we have to get rid of her." I plugged my nose and closed my eyes as the car sunk into the lake.

I tried opening the trunk with my shovel but it only bent it, then I found the emergency release covered by a box. I quickly pulled it and opened the trunk and swam out.

I felt a grab on my leg, it was my mom I could tell by the rings I felt. I hit her with the broken shovel I put in my pocket. I swam to the land and finally breathed.

I saw my mom's head poking out of the water. "You're not going anywhere." She yelled and tried to choke me. I reached over for the bent shovel and stood in front of her. "Go ahead Ivy, kill me.

You know what they say Like mother, like daughter." She chuckled and grabbed my wrist. "I will never be like you, or at least a murder." I said while I grabbed her by the neck and punctured her stomach with the shovel.

Finally the last breath, the last moment to have with my mom. I did feel great to have revenge and release the anger I felt.

Maybe mom was right...

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