What am I supposed to do now?
What am I supposed to do now? tired stories

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It's Five - Almost 6 in the morning. You wonder briefly "shouldn't I just go to sleep?"

What am I supposed to do now?

It's Five - Almost 6 in the morning.

You wonder briefly "shouldn't I just go to sleep?"

"yeah but where has that ever'gotten you NumbNu+s."

The voice in the back of your head snickers at yourself.

"Not like you're any help either.." You reply in utter defeat knowing it's pointless to argue

with your already half dead brain.

"Of course! You wouldn't have stayed up this long without me!"

your body twitches, almost in a jolt of excitement.

"It's like-" you abruptly stop yourself,

"ANYWAY remember that time yo-"

"Oh nonono you don't."

you sit up knowing exactly where this is gonna go.

the stiffness of your back made a few pops down the spine.

your walk lightly not wanting to wake anyone up.

"Wait wasn't there a-"

A jolting pain runs up your big toe, your body for a moment almost giving up

"Ahh, you should've remembered that, you live here."

"Would you PLEASE.." with a small reach you rub your big toe soothing the pain.

"alright! I know exactly what would fix this!" a tightening feel starts forming in between your eyes before a full blown explosion just happened, pounding at the back of your head.


"I * * * * ing hate you.."

Gulp Gulp Gulp.

the creak of a tap shutting off.

back in bed you stare into the ceiling you've fallen asleep to countless of times.

"hey.. check your phone just to check what time it is?"

"it's late. that's all that matters."

"yeah.. but what if You know who messages you?"

"it's been months.. WHY of all times no-"

"just do it I double dare you"

".. ." with a long sigh you reach for your phone.

:13am -No new messages!-

"well that was a waste of time why would you think They'd text you so late? everyone's sleeping?"

"I gotta be kidding myself.. OKAY I'M GONNA JUST. UGH why am I even getting mad at myself."

"because I hate everything ABOUT you but you just hate me. in general."

"Everything ABOUT me is you."

"hey. I'm supposed to do the thinking you just walk around like some water mule."


minutes of eternity pass.

The suns blue rays shine a soft gold.

" . . . "

"Finally some sleep."

" . . . "

". . .Hey. I mean. It takes me a while to actually fall asleep so you could?.."

" . . ."

"Oh! hey remember that time that! . . . That uh . . What happened that time actually.."

" . . ."

"I guess you were right about you being the thinker I'm at a complete loss!"

". . ."

you look at the clock. :07am

". . .hm."

your once dark lit room now filled brightly with gold.

". . . I uh-.. didn't mean to get mad at you. I mean me?.. ."

" . . ."

"I really don't feel like sleeping anymore. . . "

tossing and turning, you eyes glued to the wall this overwhelming urge to fight the sleep drifts over, your eyelids slowly gain weight every minute.

"so. . what am I supposed to do now?"

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