Poem for the World Child
Poem for the World Child 
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aoishiori trying to find ways and reasons to stay
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I wrote a poem for my friend who was struggling with quarantine, I hope this helps someone here too.

Poem for the World Child

I hope less really was more. that you won't say you're okay when you're really not. that you won't have to bow down to anyone no matter how right or powerful they think they are.

that one day families and friends won't choke false hopes and bagged information down innocent throats. that one day this child with an open mind would not have to fight all alone.

and one day, when you realise something compelling enough to shift your earth from its’ axis, this kid would stir hearts and sing poems that makes the right persons’ soul hungry for more in their lonely blankets.

when a trail of blood and invasions lead to more painful days, and it gets harder to live in any form of isolation, following someone else's way gets shackled, this kid would reach out and be held in the right way. for one day this kid will look around and find they’re loved for their on ways.

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