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aoifem00Here to let out my deepest thoughts
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I am a cloud. I fly over you,

Dark cloud

I am a cloud.

I fly over you,


Everyone goes about their day without even acknowledging me.

I am the wall.

I am there,

I am around all the time.

I witness everything.

I am like a withered leaf.

I crumble when the wind blows, I crumble at the touch of your hand.

I , like a clown within a crowd of black suited men, I stand out,

I am different , and no one like's my type of different.

I am like the wind,

Just an annoying breeze that ruffles your hair out of place.

I look down on everyone,

Everyone seems so happy,

It is almost as if I had not taken my life last night

as if I was never there to begin with,

I was everything you never paid attention to,

the muffled cries at the back of the room,

the unwanted breath.

The pile of leaves that always gathered at your doorstep at Autumn .

I am a cloud,

I fly over you, everywhere.

My sadness , such a burden

I was a storm on your brightest day.

My thunder storms so big they one day just

swallowed me whole.

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