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... A defeated smile spread across her lips as she understood the parody of life🖤🖤🖤

The window

I sit at the glass paned window, my sanctuary shrouded in impending darkness and an oppresive silence.

The world on the other side - a concrete jungle, a mesh of bright lights; its edges strained and ripped as it chokes on its own hypocrisy.

The world is moving at a speed I can't keep up with, the trivial moment I understand a thing; its already fifty paces ahead of me.

People run around like clockwork - trying to patch up a life, paying homage to the subpar and sick standards of the society. I envy those oblivious souls.

All the while, I sit at my window, motionless - torturing myself, trying to find the purpose of life.

Unable to feel any emotion other than a fierce envy as I look at the people on the other side.

I stare at my reflection and a dead eyed girl stares back at me. A stranger has taken up residence in my being.

A person who has lost herself somewhere along the way, as she tries to fit into the idea that others have of her.

A tinkle of laughter rings on the other side. A defeated smile spreads across her lips as she understands the parody of life.

"Anna! Come set the table darling," my mother beckons from the dining hall.

"Coming, mother!" I shout back as I pull down the curtain, ignoring the girl's plea for help and shutting out the toxic world from my life. Anya

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