Chaos of The Sane - Prologue
Chaos of The Sane - Prologue  murder stories

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WARNING - contains graphic violence such as murder. (NO R*PE)

"Perfectly sane, frighteningly normal, and yet capable of extraordinary violence."

Death runs in the family and at the home of 22nd Dorset street. Dying at a young age always seemed to be expected of them especially for his older brother.

A gruesome murder preformed right before it's eyes leaving it broken, a monster of it's former self. The grief and the hatred fuels it to commit those same vile acts, as it spirals into a never ending and unforgiving chaos.

The blood drips from the wounds of it's victims; of its unforgiving acts, as it hits the floor, like that of a rain drop. This is the chaos of Emerson Bennett. (Barrett)

This story is originally posted as a fanfiction but is in the process of being changed into an original work.


Chaos of The Sane - Prologue

November 13, 1880. The east end of London, United Kingdom.

The streets were dark and empty, the pearly glow of the moon being the only source of light. Only a few out at this time of evening.

I watched her every move, from the way she shivered as a breeze passed, down to the hitch of her breath as she inhaled and exhaled. A lone maiden, she walked alone.

What a vulnerable position? The tiny pitter-patter of her feet quickened with each step on the hard stone of the road.

Upon further observation of the woman, I hadn't fully noticed what she was wearing. Her dress was off the shoulder and hoisted up to her knees, revealing black stockings underneath.

She wore a matching corset pulled tight around her waist, and her hair in loose ringlets. A woman of the night walked before me.

The chaos of my mind had begun taking control, consuming me, and leaving but a shell of my former self. These parasitic tendencies only pushed me further into darkness.

Beckoning me to commit such vile acts, for I am an unholy man. Excommunicated and thrown out like an unwanted child. I quickened my pace, getting close enough to tap her on the shoulder.

Startled, she flinched and turned to face me.

"How do you do, madam?" I inquired, tipping my hat slightly.

"Mighty fine. And you?" Her voice was seductive. It pulled me in in all the right ways, but that wasn't the point of this.

"As good as any man can get on a night like this," I replied with a slight smirk.

"And what does a gentleman like yourself want from a lady like me?" She continued batting her long eyelashes.

I took a step toward her. "I think you ought to know what I want."

Wrapping her fragile arms around my neck, she leaned in closer. "I'd be obliged to give you whatever that may be, but... it may come with a price,"

I chuckled, resting my gloved hands on her waist. "Is that so?" I said with a slight crook of the neck. "How much?"

She hesitated, "How much are you willing to offer?"

"Fourpence." It wasn't much, but it was all I could give to her at the moment. Reaching into the pocket of my suit coat, I handed her the coins. She smiled.

"Pleasure doing business with you, sir,"

I returned the smile, drawing her face closer to mine. I kissed her lips roughly. It had no emotion behind it, no love. The woman pulled away, removing herself from me.

She twirled and spun around with one of an elegant grin. I then took her by the hand, leading the unsuspecting soul to her doom.

"Where are we going?" She asked. I glared back at her, only giving a smile. She waited for a few moments, and then asked again, a sense of nervousness in her tone.

I didn't reply, just continuing to pull her along, that is before she attempted to jerk her hand from mine.

I grabbed her wrist more firmly and pulled her, so her face was inches away from mine. I sneered at her.

"I did not pay to be asked questions." I snapped. "Is it not your job to be coming with me?" She looked up at me with wet doe-like eyes.

She opened her mouth as if to speak, but bit her tongue back and looked down. And with a swish of her skirt, she was wrapped around my arm and by my side once more.

Maybe I should be more considerate toward her after all this would be her last few moments on this earth, but I swallowed my pride. I didn't feel the need to be kind to her any longer.

She had probably been treated far much worse by other men.

I guided her to a nearby alley. She bit her lip, holding back a sense of fear.

"You know... Perhaps I shall give you back your fourpence and be on my way.." Her voice wavered as she spoke. I looked down at her.

"My darling, there is no need to be afraid. Besides, you're not going anywhere," I said with a devilish smirk. She tried to pull away from my harsh grip on her hand once more, but it was no use.

"Sir please, I think I really must be going," She said as tears started to prick from the corners of her eyes.

"Don't be like that love,"

Soft, lovely music began to play from the entrance of the alleyway. A tight smile grew across my face as I grabbed the woman's other hand and made her dance with me.

She was reluctant at first, attempting to flee from my embrace, but I didn't let her leave. Eventually, she soon gave in. We waltzed around the alley with me in the lead hand in hand.

My small and oh so frail partner was forcibly dancing with me. My hand flicked to my pocket before resting on the woman's waist as the tune faded out.

My gaze fell to my only "partner" as our faces drew nearer and nearer. I took in her sweet scent and closed my eyes. We were so close that our lips brushed over each other.

Her eyelashes tickled at my cheeks, and our lips locked together at once. My hand moved to the small of her back.

Something cold and sharp held in my hand as I slowly began to point it at her spine.

I moved my mouth from hers and looked back down at her sweetly, and she looked back at me, her eyes fluttering.

"Goodbye, my love..." I whispered. And before she could react, I plunged the knife into her spine. She took a sharp intake of breath, and her face turned into anguish and pain.

Blood spurted from her corset, onto the knife, and ran down my gloved hands. I dragged the knife out of her back and brought it to my side.

I couldn't fathom how much pain she was experiencing, but why should I care?

"My darling... Whatever could be the matter?" I stroked her cheek. She attempted to push me off of her, to put up some sort of a pitiful fight. I chuckled and pinned her to the ground.

"You seem in pain... Let me help." Tears pricked at her eyes as I thrust the blade deep into her thigh.

"You see, honey? The pain is gone. It has moved." She spat in my face at those words. Complete disgust filled my being as I wiped her saliva with my sleeve.

I had let my anger get the best of me, and I struck her hard, causing a loud yelp from the woman. I gripped her jaw firmly and watched her squirm as I twisted the knife.

I chuckled deeply, as red crimson soon began to spill from the corners of her mouth from the wound in her back. The raw metallic smell of blood shortly consumed her sweet scent.

I grabbed the knife and pulled it out of her leg. I sighed.

"Why don't we get this corset off of you, hmm? It makes me helping you so much harder." I ripped the piece of clothing off of her and tore off the top of her dress.

She cried out, but I put a hand over her mouth.

"Now, now my sweet, we don't want anyone hearing you,"

I took the knife and made tiny cuts onto her stomach. Not deep enough to draw blood, but only to make a 'sketch.' of the sort.

I then went over the cuts, carving small flowers into her exposed body. I traced them with my finger before spreading them apart so her blood could flow from my art.

She gritted her teeth and tried to hold on to what life she had left. I caressed her face softly and looked into her fear-stricken eyes. I traced the flowers once more.

"Oh, my sweet, how beautiful you have become... Now don't close your eyes just yet! One more thing."

I took the knife, starting at the bottom of her stomach and slowly pushed it down before gliding it up the middle of her stomach, over her heart, and plunged it deep into her throat.

She struggled and attempted to claw at her throat before her eyes slowly closed as the air escaped her lungs. She fluttered her long eyelashes one last time and died.

"My dear... Goodbye and Goodnight." I smiled happily down at her and took off my gloves and discarded them onto her dead body.

I brushed myself off and strolled out of the alleyway with a wide smirk plastered on my face. Some men and women walked past the alley. And me? I happily waved to them and said my goodnights.

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