Lifeline soulmates #suicide stories

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For months, Catherine has been following the line that leads her to her soulmate. But when they find each other, things may take a turn for the worse.


Caked in dirt, sweat, and blood, I followed my line up the hill.

My Lifeline, they called it. For it leads one to their soulmate, connecting their shoes with a neon glow.

I push my long blonde hair out of my face when I see a figure standing at the top of the hill. A girl, with raven blue hair. A girl who’s shoes are connected to mine by a florescent streak.

A smile grows across my face. Finally. After months of traveling. Searching. Following my line. I’ve found them- My soulmate.

I break into a run, ascending up the hill towards the girl with raven blue hair. She looks down at me with her piercing green eyes, a sad smile on her face.

I see her reach into her pocket and pull out a knife.

I stop, rather confused, and a bit scared too. What on Earth could she be doing?

That’s when the girl with raven blue hair holds the knife to her wrist. Panicked, I begin to sprint up the hill.

But I was too late.

I watch in horror as the girl with raven blue hair- my soulmate- collapses onto the ground, her blood rolling down the hill in small streams.

And I look down just in time to see my line fade away.

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