The Gypsy Girl
The Gypsy Girl narrative luricism stories

anwarjaber Iraqi poet, artist and writer
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A narrative lyric writing with feeling expressions and nature humanization.

The Gypsy Girl

I like our quiet lakes and their reviving breeze, where the water’s eyes are always sleepy. You can't imagine his red cheek in winter nights.

I remember when my mother had made a nice hat for him. My mother is so expert in the seasonal souls and she told me that Autumn is a gypsy girl.

I didn't see Autumn, but I am sure that my mother saw her because she described her face precisely.

She told me that Autumn flies between the trees’ branches as a small bird and leaving her veil weaving airily in our souls.

Sometimes I feel that Autumn is a fairy and you may see her stormy tale swimming deeply in our dreams’ water.

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