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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Your Father

by anushkapragya17

Your father is someone you can confide in, Without thinking of your faults and sins!

Your father is someone you can look out for, In times of grief or a sudden fall!

Your father will lead the way in darkness, He'll give his all, just for your happiness!

Your father will never ever leave your side, Even when the cruel world throws you aside!

He does so many things, just to see you smile, Not wanting it to fade, even for a while!

And still you think he does not care for you? Accuse him for not being there for you?

At least you have your father to turn up to, Whenever there's a hurdle in anything you do!

How can you forget how lucky you are? Having him support you and bring you all this far!

Think of those innocent souls out there, Living without having a father to care!

Think of the way they live their life, Each moment, just for a loving hand, they strive!

Yet they would never accept your sympathy, 'Cause all they crave for, is their father's love and empathy!

You don't even have the right to whine, When at times, some silly wishes, your father declines!

Seeing you frown won't make him happy either, Instead, will only give him a cause to wither!

You can't ever thank him enough, for all he does for you, As each of it comes out of his love so true!

The least you can do to make him a bit glad, Is running up to him, to say "I love you so much, Dad!"

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