Thread Of Friendship
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anushkapragya17 Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Thread Of Friendship

by anushkapragya17

The burden of secrets can make you drown, And you feel frustrated, wearing a frown.

What you need then is a friend who'd pay heed, To the silly moments of blabber you desperately need.

When things seem dull and boring as hell, It's your friend within whom, your fun and happiness dwell.

However much you try to be your own company, But without an amigo, each day seems like a century.

Even if your friends are living across the globe, You feel like being covered with their consort's robe.

They'll never judge you for what you share with them, Against your thoughts and honest views, ne'er will they condemn.

Your friend will step back, when you need your own little space, They'll hold no grudge, but will have a heartening look on the face.

A bone-crushing hug won't hurt at all, coming from a lovely friend, To all the stress and sorrow you have, it'll easily put an end.

The thread of friendship is adorned with pearls of affection and care, Without the presence of dirty stones of hatred and despair.

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