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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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The Voice

by anushkapragya17

The little girl was playing without the knowledge of the cruel world; In her gullible mind, no fear of the darkness hurled.

But the one assault was enough to switch off the beautiful lights; Even without realising it, everything dimmed, which was once bright.

What she held out wasn't 'trust', for she didn't know what it was; In mere oblivion, she was unaware of being surrounded by the sharp claws

Although she'd been scarred for life, she couldn't decipher what happened; But the voice which could've expressed her, had been given an end.

In another part of the world, a young beauty walked her way; But the inner charm had been killed by some beasts, like child's play.

Maybe she could've protested, she wasn't shackled in any rope; But the disgusted looks of the society shattered every remaining hope.

She too was hushed down, as she walked with a low-hung head; Another voice, capable of bringing a change, was unsurprisingly dead.

Somewhere in a dark corner, deprived of family and wealth; Sat an old woman, left behind by physical and emotional health.

What added to the misery was the abuse she had to bear; Some heartless humans had caused the erosion of her self-pride's layer.

The last days of her life too, weren't void of pain and sorrow; All light left her world, not even to return through the Sun of tomorrow.

She wanted to vent out what she felt, though if it all she couldn't undo; But her voice too was suppressed, for there was no one she could speak to.

In varied cases of different females, the outcome was roughly same; Even with the right to express, the needed justice, they could not claim.

The little child's oblivion, the young girl's compulsion, and the old lady's loneliness; Had ultimately lead to just one thing- a huge, unending mess.

Their conditions would've been better had they been able to let it all out; If the voice was allowed to wander free, agony and frustration wouldn't have gotten to sprout.

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