The Evil Greed
The Evil Greed  stories

anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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The Evil Greed

by anushkapragya17

Satisfaction with what we have, is so tough to find, It doesn't take a moment, for greed to make us blind.

What we're proud of, today, won't persist till tomorrow, Turning our pride into egoistic sorrow.

Seeing someone else succeed, unknowingly does ignite, Too strong a competition, telling us to fight.

Fight the soft voice of our conscience, ever so correct, The jealousy we try to cover up, begins to resurrect.

There should be, I agree, a temptation to succeed, But we start ignoring the fine line, between passion and greed.

Remember that when your good days come, you will be envied too, But at that time, look out for the people who're true to you.

Cause history can anytime repeat itself, turning a friend to foe, When the evil greed will ruin everything, you won't even come to know.

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