The Demons I Fight Everyday
The Demons I Fight Everyday hope stories

anushkapragya17 Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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The Demons I Fight Everyday

My lips don't form coherent words, Oh! I can't say how I feel. Even my pen won't speak clearly, But believe me, it is real.

I sense my inner self crumbling, If that makes any sense at all. I stretch out my hands looking, For someone who'd prevent my fall.

I wanna rip out my ill thoughts, Like the sheets of a notebook. But however hard I try, My mind won't let 'em off the hook.

I breathe in short gasps, As if my lungs hate the fresh air. There's a void I cannot fill, As if my soul is barely there.

Tell me five times a day, if you will, That I'm amazingly flawless. But still, my mind will repeat, "Oh, this creature's simply hopeless!"

I feel constricted in these walls, No, not the ones you see. There are some I've unknowingly created, Between the world and me.

Hit them with whichever hammer, You won't be able to break them off. What's needed is very rare― A touch so tender and so soft.

There are aches I can't describe, And fears I can't speak about. It's hard to trust my life, I look at everything with a hint of doubt.

I don't mean that I'm never happy, Joyous times do often come. But in a heartbeat, the laughter vanishes, Making me feel so numb.

Call me an over-thinker, But I can't switch off my brain. My trepidation corrodes all good thoughts, Like some kind of acid rain.

There's enough trouble to be dealt with,  Don't you judge me by your standards. You'd never know what I go through, Oh, the fears unseen and sobs unheard.

You'll ask for my anxiety's cause, And I'm sorry, I don't have one. But if a building's ruined by a hurricane, Would you ask the house for an explanation?

I don't really expect you to understand, But at least you could try to help. I'm dying for some assistance, Even if I don't scream or yelp.

It's alright if I sound gibberish, I myself don't actually get it. But I'm trying to fight off my Demons, And I'm definitely not gonna quit!

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