Slightest Duty
Slightest Duty stories

anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Slightest Duty

by anushkapragya17

Why do we forget that animals too have a heart? Which can be broken by our many invisible darts!

Even if they don't own silver and gold, But they do have their children, with lives yet to unfold!

Do we think before tearing apart their family?! Do we hesitate before casting forth that cruelty?!

Only 'cause their voices can't express it all, Does that mean we'll treat them like some lifeless doll?!

Just 'cause their tears aren't seen by us, Does that mean we'll make their life a horrible mess?!

Their eyes also hold the unsaid fears, Of living the rest of life without their young ones near!

Human beings aren't really being humane today, Giving out so much of woe and dismay.

Only if for once, we would be a bit less reckless, And ponder over not giving them a fate, miserable as this!

Then maybe their lives could get a little more of beauty, Don't you think humanity demands this slightest duty?!

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