Silence stories

anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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by anushkapragya17

A million words can sometimes fail, To decipher feelings, behind the veil.

You can go on with love-filled words, But still you'd be near to unheard.

Those words can never soothe a person, Who's dying under his pain's heavy burden.

That's when silence shows its power, Making the trust bloom alive like a flower.

Everything unspoken, they start telling you, But they need your silence for moments, a few.

Your advice or suggestions would mean nothing to them, If you can't have the patience of listening to them.

You don't know what beauty, silence can carry, Letting free the person from every problem and worry.

They need you to just quietly lend them an ear, No matter you are miles away or sitting very near.

All you got to do is, let them know you are there, Ready to shower them with your love, heed and care.

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