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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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She'll Fight

by anushkapragya17

You see that smiling girl out there? You think, to her, life is so fair?!

You think that, all the time, she grins; But you don't know what her past has been!

You see how she gives a hand to all; But there are times she too does fall!

Do you imagine the scars she has got? The pain, the anger, the hurt and what not!

Do you realise she's not as happy as she shows? She has darkness within, even if she glows!

In spite of everything she bears, It's only your sympathy that she always fears!

She doesn't let those feelings come onto her face, Somehow maintaining her dignity with grace!

Her body might not be literally scarred, But her soul is screwed like an old toy you discard!

You don't know, but maybe, she finds it tough to survive, But still, into the pool of death, she doesn't let herself dive!

For once, try to see through those smiling, shining eyes; You'll find the hurt and broken girl, which only within resides.

Then, when you know her, don't you dare show your pity; 'Cause she doesn't deserve it, she has so much more ability!

There'll surely come a day, when she'll prosper and will fly; To overcome the hurt, a thousand times over, she'll try!

Her pain will accept defeat, her smile will reignite; Without the need of any façade, her every fear she'll fight!!

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